Ski & Sleep in Paltinis

Paltinis is the oldest mountain ski resort in the country, founded in 1894 by the Transylvanian Carpathian Tourists Society and the mountain resort is situated at the highest altitude - 1442 meters.

Ski and snowboard resort of Arena Platos Paltinis ( opened its doors for the first time seven years ago, in 2010. The slopes are equipped with snow cannons which guarantees snow. At the moment, the slopes are served by four ski lifts and a chairlift for skiers and snowboarders flow relaxation. Furthermore, for those using the toboggan slope, it is equipped with nightlights to make the ascents easy, without equipment. What's more, it has the most modern fun-park in Romania with nightlights, one built on three platforms, each dedicated to three skill levels; beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Arena Platos Paltinis was designed from the begining a outset as a sports and health complex, primarily oriented towards families. The Ski School is one of the best in the country, with well-trained teachers who offer customers great results. We have also designed Kindergarten Ski for kids to safely and enjoyably receive their first feeling on skis. 


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