Day trip to Bulgaria from Bucharest

There’s more to Bulgaria than legends dare to unveil. Book this amazing tour and find out!

Veliko Tarnovo or City of the Tsars is one of the most visited areas of Bulgaria and is known as the capital of The Second Bulgarian Empire. It has everything that a tourist needs; a touch of history, a touch of art and a lot of entertaining for all ages and tastes. The old town is placed on three hills, and on the Tsaravets hill we will visit the palace of the Bulgarian Emperors and The Patriarchal Cathedral.

Our tour will take you also to Basarbovo Monastery and to the ancient city built by the romans around 101-106 A.D., Nicopolis ad Istrum.

We leave Bucharest in the morning from our starting point and drive to bulgarian border, Ruse. We’ll cross the Danube River and in approximately 1,5 hours we arrive at Basarbovo Monastery. This is cave monastery, bulgarian-orthodox founded in the Second Bulgarian Empire.

Our next stop is at the famous city Veliko Tarnovo, a place with a history more than 5000 years. The focus point of this experience is Tsaravets Palace. This place served as a royal residence for the bulgarian emperors between 1185 and 1393 and was built on the ruins of a byzantine city. The palace is surrounded by a fortified wall reaching 3,6 meters and has three gates, a throne room, a palace church and a royal residential part.

After we finish visiting this marvelous place we’ll get lost among the old streets of the city and we’ll have our traditional lunch.

The last place of our tour is the famous lost and forgotten city, Nicopolis ad Istrum. This was built by Traian, The Roman Emperor that conquered Dacia in 106 A.D. We know this tour will prove to be a unique and wonderful experience for you

Included services:
Transport by car or van
English speaking guide
VAT and all other taxes


Discover City of the Tsars – Veliko Tarnovo 
Visit the palace of the Bulgarian Emperors 
Visit The Patriarchal Cathedral and Basarbovo Monastery