Brown Bears and Dracula Castle from Bucharest

At the bottom of the Carpathians, near a small town named Zarnesti more than 69 hectares of luxuriant forest with rivers and ponds are now the home of almost 90 brown bears.

Each bear has its own emotional story and has been saved from captivity. Libearty Sanctuary is the Best Bear Sanctuary in the world.

You have the unique chance to visit this wonderful bear sanctuary now. Do not miss this opportunity and you will see that stories with a happy ending are possible at LiBEARty Sanctuary.

This trip we created is suitable for everyone, from the most experienced explorers to kids.This is a fun experience for those who love animals and want to discover the beauty of The Carpathians and the area around Brasov.

Early in the morning we’ll be on board with a licensed driver, who’ll bring us, through wilderness and untouched nature, to visit the bears sanctuary. Most of the bears in the Sanctuary were rescued from the most miserable and small cages where they were held for “fun”, as tourist attractions. Many were confiscated from restaurants’ terraces, hotels and villas, while some of them were captive near factories, gas stations or a monastery.

We hope you’ll enjoy to meet them and see how they live now and enjoy freedom. After this experience we’ll visit Dracula Castle and search for the mysterious count.


We know this tour will prove to be a unique and wonderful experience.

Included services:
Transport by car or van
English speaking guide
VAT and all other taxes


Visit the home of almost 90 brown bears
Visit Dracula’s Castle in Bran