Day trip to Sarmizegetusa & Denus from Cluj

Ab EUR 121

This journey gives will give you the chance to visit some of Romania’s most interesting and mysterious monuments. We will travel back over two thousand years in time, to discover the ancient civilization of the Dacians, considered to be the ancestors of the Romanian people. Because of the local gold, silver, iron and salt mines, they were able to reach a very high degree of development, both civilian and military.

Their complex fortification system was built around the capital city, Sarmizegetusa, probably one of the most evolved cities of those times in this part of Europe. We will enter the main gate and walk next to the old paved road to reach the center of the fortification. The visit is spectacular: one can view very well conserved ruins of a solar calendar, of religious temples (used for human sacrifices) and of other administrative and private buildings .

Departing from the Sacred Mountain, we will hike back to the car and drive to our next destination. In the afternoon we will drive to one of the oldest and most bizarre churches in the country. It is situated in Densus, a small village, close to the antique Dacian and Roman settlements. This is the reason why most of the material used to build this church, comes from antique pagan temples. The interesting fact is that the old Roman (marble/stone) gods and tombstones are standing right next to Christian icons and frescoes. It really is an interesting experience.
Driving through Sebes and Alba Iulia, we will return to Cluj.

Ab EUR 121

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Included services:
Transport by car or van
English speaking guide
Entrance fees according to the program
VAT and all other taxes


Visit some of Romania’s most mysterious monuments
See Sarmizegetusa, one of the most evolved cities of times
Admire Densus, one of the oldest churches in the country