The Real Dracula Tour

Ab EUR 79

There is an Egyptian motto that goes like this: “Man fears time, but time fears the pyramids”. I think that in our case, we could easily say that “Man fears time, but time fears good legends,” Dracula’s legend being one of them and as Oscar Wilde said, it is probably the most beautiful novel of all time. Join us and find out the real story of Dracula in this only one day journey.

Ab EUR 79

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The Real Dracula Tour is a small group full-day tour from Bucharest to Targoviste, Curtea de Arges and The Stone Ravens Monastery.

The reason we call it “the real” Dracula is because we will visit the real places in Romania that have a connection with Vlad the Impaler – “the real” Dracula.

The first stop will be in Targoviste, the former capital of Wallachia under Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler) to visit the former Princely Court and Chindia Tower, nowadays a symbol of the city.

Then, we go to Curtea de Arges to visit one of the most beautiful monasteries in South Romania. Beyond the impressive and unique architectural style, the monastery boasts an interesting legend about the builder of the church and all he had to do so he could, eventually, finish the work.

Prepare to admire a remarkable scenery over the mountains and the hear the tumultuous story of Vlad the Impaler, one of the most intriguing figures in our history.

The Stone Ravens Monastery is our next visit. Lying in a place as if chosen by the Divinity itself, the construction is remarkable by its complete simplicity that makes you meditate and introspect. Inspiring indeed.

Before getting back to Bucharest, you will stop at Vidraru Lake, an important construction from the communist period, placed next to the famous Transfagarasan Road, named by Top Gear as “the most beautiful road in the world”.


Very important!
To enhance the tourists’ experience at Poenari Fortress, the castle was closed for renovation. Therefore, we invite you to explore instead – The Stone Ravens Monastery – a rupestrian ensemble full of history and mystery. The real story of Dracula goes on…


  • The Old Princely Court from Targoviste
  • Curtea de Arges Monastery
  • The ruins of Poienari Fortress
  • Vidraru Dam